Planning an Event?


Trinity has two halls and an informal meeting room which are sometimes available to outside groups for

a modest fee.


What spaces might be available?


Lawrence Hall, Trinity’s ‘upper hall’ is very popular for parties, special events, meetings and classes. Reserving this hall automatically includes use of the kitchenette adjoining it. Capacity depends on the way you choose to set up the room. We recommend a maximum of 70-80 individuals for a party set up with tables and chairs. Maximum capacity (as set by the Shrewsbury Fire Department) is 125. This would be workable to a theater style set up with rows of chairs only – such as for a lecture or business meeting. This space includes a small stage area.


Pictures of Lawrence Hall Click HERE


Trinity’s Lower Hall is less formal. This area abuts the main kitchen which offers counter space and two sinks. We regret that due to safety concerns, we cannot allow outside groups to use the gas oven and burners located in the kitchen. This area is often used by groups and clubs for ongoing monthly meetings. Maximum capacity as set by the Shrewsbury Fire Department is 112. This would be comfortable for a theater style set up but if you are planning a party, count on about 60 maximum for this lower hall.


Pictures of Lower Hall Click HERE


On the main level, just off Lawrence Hall and the kitchenette is the Common Room. This is a comfortable meeting space furnished with three couches, chairs, end tables, and one larger table. This lounge-type area is appropriate for approximately 15 individuals.


Pictures of Common Room Click HERE


What fees are involved?

There are two fee schedules: One is designed for ongoing events such as weekly yoga classes or monthly club meetings which are held on a regular basis virtually all year long. The other is for one-time events such as a birthday party or other special celebration.


In addition to the fees listed, we require a Security Deposit of $50 at the time of booking. The use fee (paid by separate check) and a Key Deposit of $10 in cash should be paid the week prior to your event when you pick up the key.  The use fee will be deposited in our account immediately but we will hold the security deposit and key deposit until after your event. You should return the key during church office hours within two business days following your event. At that time, the key deposit will be returned to you. Also at that time, assuming the space was left in good order and also providing that you notified us by e-mail if you had to cancel for any reason, the $50 security deposit will be returned to you.


Our fees are modest and do require that you do your own set up and most importantly, that you leave the area you used as you found it. This includes replacing any trash bags in the trash receptacles with the blue, Shrewsbury, pay-as-you-throw trash bags. In that case, we will return the security deposit to you; if not, we will need to compensate our sexton to return things to proper order. Likewise, the key deposit will be returned when you return the key to the building. If the key is lost, we will use that deposit to have other keys made as necessary.


Please click here for fee schedule


More Questions & Answers


How do I reserve space?


The first step is to email the parish office at  and ask if the date and time you are considering is available. We welcome outside groups but of course, the scheduling of parish functions is a prime concern.


It is strongly recommended that you make an appointment with the parish office during office hours 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (Monday through Thursday during the summer months) to tour the spaces that might be of interest to you prior to making a reservation.


The next step is to print out and complete the required forms, sign them, and return them to the parish office. No reservations can be confirmed until the forms are returned and reviewed by Trinity -  although in the interim, we will be happy to note your request on our calendar as a tentative event. If you need something special – such as tables – we are happy to provide them IF you note this on your application form.


Please read all forms carefully and let us know if you have any questions. It is especially important that you note our winter policy if your event is planned for cold weather months, and also that you adhere to our no smoking and no alcoholic beverages policy.


Once your event is approved and confirmed, the forms will be signed by a Trinity representative and returned to you.


When Do I Pay and Get the Key?


About a week before your event, you should contact the parish office and make an appointment to come by during office hours, pay your deposits and fee, pick up the key, and have a detailed walk-through so that you will know locations of rest rooms, how to operate heat, lights, etc. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have.


Who else will be in the building during my Event?


Because sound carries between the upper and lower halls, we make every effort not to schedule both rooms at the same time – especially when one might be a party and the other a quiet class like Yoga. If another group is scheduled at the same time as your event, we will let you know, and we will let the other group know.


Members of the Trinity community may or may not be onsite while you are here.



How do I return the key after my Event and when do you return my Deposits?


Please call the parish office as soon as possible following your event to arrange for return of the key. We have a limited number of copies of the key and many groups seeking to use Trinity facilities – so please make arrangements as soon as you possibly can. Keys should be returned by appointment, during office hours. If the areas you used were left as you found them, your $50 deposit will be returned at the same time as the $10 key deposit.


What if I have to cancel my event at the last minute?


Unlike facilities like hotels whose primary focus is renting space, we are a church. We understand that there can be last minute circumstances such as illness or weather which may affect even the best of plans.  We have never imposed a penalty in these situations and would – PROVIDED YOU NOTIFY US OF YOUR CANCELLATION BY E-MAIL - return any funds you had paid to Trinity for the cancelled event.

Under what circumstances might Trinity have to cancel my event?

Trinity is unable to host groups during the week prior to the spring and fall thrift sales. These dates are announced

in advance. Otherwise, this would be a very unusual situation. For example one would be, if a funeral is scheduled

at the time of your event. The importance of Christian Burial from church, and the immediacy for scheduling,

make funerals a priority. We would also cancel your event for sanitary or safety reasons if one of the major

building systems failed - for instance if there was no heat or if a pipe broke and there was no water. And do

remember that we do not hire snow plowing services for other than Trinity religious services or  parish events.

Please note the Winter Policy form and cancel your event in the case of bad weather so your invited guests will

stay safe at home!


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